While it is always a good time to read Lucille Clifton, this particularly tumultuous year has us holding tight onto the last lines of her poem "won't you celebrate with me:"

...come celebrate /  with me that everyday /  something has tried to kill me / and has failed. 

For the inaugural issue of Simple Machines, we're looking for poems working likewise and timely—as matchsticks and fire, as vessels of water to slake our thirst, as balm for the rattling gears inside our minds and bodies. Send us your celebrations and sirens, your potions and panacea, your simple machines and little engines of change—for something has tried to kill us and our voices must rise to the occasion.  

—Guest Editor, Ashley M. Jones, et al.

General Guidelines:

  • We consider original, previously unpublished poetry written in or translated into English.
  • Translations should include the poem in its original language. The translator is responsible for obtaining the author's permission to use their work.
  • We accept 1-4 poems at a time, ten pages maximum. Multiple poems should be submitted as one file, with each poem beginning on a new page. Please wait for a response before sending additional work.
  • While we welcome simultaneous submissions, please withdraw your submission promptly if your work is accepted elsewhere. If you wish to withdraw only part of your submission, add a note instructing us accordingly. 
  • Acceptance for publication currently pays two contributor copies of the issue in which the poet's work appears.